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In addition to his work on Rob Hanes Adventures, Randy Reynaldo also has a long-standing interest in the history and aesthetics of comics. A list of his published and written articles and essays may be found on the WCG Comics Checklist; some of the articles also are reprinted in their entirety below.

Should any of these papers be used as reference for research papers or other similar purposes, a complete citation should be made both to the original article as provided below and the WCG Comics website.

All papers © Randy Reynaldo.

Reynaldo, Randy, "Remembering Roy Crane," February 2008.

Reynaldo, Randy, "Alex Toth – In Memorium," June 2006.

Reynaldo, Randy, "Will Eisner – In Memorium," January 2005.

Reynaldo, Randy, "Publishing FAQ," January 2004.

Reynaldo, Randy, "A Case History of Comics as Art: The Work of Milton Caniff," term paper, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Southern California, December 1990.

Reynaldo, Randy, "A History of the Adventure Strip," The Comet (fanzine), DATE TO BE ADDED.

Reynaldo, Randy, "The Adventure Strip Before World War II:Capitalism, Democracy, and the Soldier of Fortune," The Comet (fanzine), DATE TO BE ADDED.

Reynaldo, Randy, "Sex, Violence, and Mediocrity: Randy Reynaldo on Hell on Earth and The Shadow #1," The Comics Journal #108, pps. 36-39, May 1986.

Reynaldo, Randy, "Reassessing Comics," The Comics Journal #101, pps. 88-93, August 1985.