Rob Hanes Adventures Returns with Issue 13
Cover to Rob Hanes Adventures #13

(April 2012) — WCG Comics announced that after a too-long hiatus, issue 13 of Rob Hanes Adventureswas scheduled for release in July 2012.

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Rob Hanes Adventures trade paperback slated for release in September!

(June 2010) — It's official! The first volume of a projected series of trade paperbacks collecting the entire Rob Hanes Adventures series is scheduled for release September 2010.

Rob Hanes Adventures, Volume 0 will compile the complete 4-issue run of Adventure Strip Digest, the series' original home before being re-booted as Rob Hanes Adventures. After that, the current series will begin to be collected.

A preview of the front and back covers plus about 20 pages is available here (or by clicking the image at right).

To bring the quality of the art and stories up to par with the current series, the stories in the volume have been completely re-lettered by Johnny Lowe, replacing the original hand-lettering of the original stories.

The volume is projected to be approximately 144 pages with a cover price of $15.99.

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RHA 12 cover

Rob Hanes Adventures Archives graphic

(Sept. 2009) — Starting October 12, three complete stories from the series dating to 1986 and '87 that have never before been published are being released at our webcomics site,!

The first story will be published in its entirety on October 12 at the site, while the second story will begin serializing on October 19, to be immediately followed by the third story.

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RH Adventures Now Live at Kidjutsu!

Kidjutsu mascotAs part of my plan to give the series as broad exposure as possible, Rob Hanes Adventures can now be found at Kidjutsu, a new comics website where the featured comics are presented in a family-friendly, age-appropriate manner.

Click here to see the main page for the series at the site.

To start, issues 9 and 10 from the series have been published at the site, with more to come.

Show your support for the series by checking out the series at the site!

As a reminder, the series also is available at IndyPlanet!

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Extending my online presence, you can now find me on Facebook. I can also be found at MySpace and ComicSpace. For the latest news and updates, be sure to also visit this site, as well as my blog and message board!

Coming in Issue 12...

RHA 12 cover

In a change of pace, the cover to the next issue of Rob Hanes Adventures is by a guest artist, Benton Jew!

Benton is an friend from way back, dating back to when he worked at George Lucas' visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic before going freelance. He is a widely respected professional illustrator, storyboard artist, and comic-book artist. And, as recently mentioned in his blog, he's just had his first story-length work published by Marvel Comics!

To see the cover full size, click on the image at left. And, as noted below, you can also preview the new issue here as well!

In the story, Rob becomes stranded on a desert island with a beautiful female prisoner he has been hired to extradite back to the U.S. after their plane goes down in the Pacific.

Issue 11 Now Available!

Cover to RHA #11 (work in progress)(July 2008) —Rob Hanes Adventures #11 is now available. For an advance preview, click here or on the image at left.

In “Rob Hanes and the Pirates," when Rob uncovers evidence of a sophisticated counterfeiting ring being run out of a rogue "axis of evil" nation, he is abducted by an old nemesis and imprisoned inside one of the world's most remote regimes.

His only hope for escape resides in an unlikely alliance with a kidnapped Asian starlet, a disgruntled military officer, and an American defector from the Cold War era!

Ask your retailer to order it for your store, or use the link below to buy it now. (Or go to our online store to buy this and other issues.)

You Heard it Here First!

RHATPB0 (May 2008) — No official announcement has been made yet, but as a special treat for those of you actually paying attention, here's an advance preview of what's up ahead for WCG Comics....

We plan to begin collecting the series in trade paperback format! Pictured at right is a rough mockup to the cover for the first compilation, expected to run 128+ pages and feature seven complete adventures. (Click here or on the image at right to see it full size.)

Note that the cover image at right has not yet been finalized and may change significantly by its release. (In particular, the coloring is still in the "flats" stage, and has not yet been finished.)

Stay tuned for announcements and more details—be the first on your block to hear about it by joining our e-mail distribution list!

Rob Hanes Adventures Audioshow Now on CD!

(June 2007) — 3Days CD CoverBack in the 1990s, WCG produced a 30-minute Rob Hanes Adventure audiotape called “Three Days of the Fanboy.” Designed as a classic radio show, and professionally produced and engineered, the story brought the series to vivid life with voice actors, music and sound effects. (One of the program’s lead voice actors, Scott Brick, has since become a prolific and award-winning audiobook narrator, having recorded more than 250 books to date, including many by best-selling authors such as Brad Meltzer, Orson Scott Card, and Tom Clancy.) In the show, Rob is hired to protect the comic-book collection of fanboy extraordinaire Johnson McFeeley (played by Brick).

Long overdue, the audiotape has finally been transferred to CD and now is available at the WCG Comics webstore. As seen above right, the cover art has been redesigned for the new CD format. Revel in the dated references and hear the series come to life with this unique and fun collector’s item!

Order now at our online store.

Landmark 10th Issue Due in July!

Cover art to issue 10(June 2007) — The landmark 10th issue of Rob Hanes Adventures is due July 2007.

With this issue, the high adventure series crosses genres again with a full-fledged sports tale! In the story, Rob is hired by a minor league baseball team—the Brisbane Chickenhawks—to investigate steroid use. Rob soon becomes more obsessed with getting a base hit than with cracking the case, leaving it up to his partner, Abner McKenna, to solve the mystery.

All the elements of a classic sports tale are blended together with another exciting adventure in "The Pride of the Chickenhawks"!

Order the issue now from WCG Comics or ask your retailer to order it for you.

“Hanes Briefs” Message Board Now Open

(Feb 2007) — A new message board/discussion forum for Rob Hanes Adventures has just opened! The message board provides an opportunity for me to provide commentary about current stories and, of course, for fans to leave comments and ask questions about the series and comics.

Comments left at the message board also may be reprinted in the print series letters column (also called “Hanes Briefs”) unless users request otherwise. The forum is part of an effort to broaden awareness of the series. These also include profiles at both MySpace and ComicSpace, as well as listings at and the Webcomiclist.

I hope to hear from many of you soon!

Rob Hanes Adventures Now Available as a Web Comic

(Nov. 2006) – I'm pleased to announce that Rob Hanes Adventures is now available as a full color, serialized web comic! With the new version, I hope to reach new readers who have not had a chance to see the title previously or whose local stores may not carry the comic book. The web comic also will provide current fans of the series with a more regular stream of available fresh content between issues.

Graphic link to web comicAs an added bonus, the title is being seen in full color for the first time! Though the series has been praised over the years for being a standout black and white title, presenting the feature on the web obviously gives me the opportunity to present the series in a vibrant new way, without the restraints of distribution and the cost associated with printing, particularly in color.

Everyone should be assured that the print comic book series will continue. (Issue 9 is now available and issue 10 is due out shortly.) As I said, the new web comic is intended to complement the print series, and serve as another gateway for a new and potentially larger audience of readers.

The colorist for the new series is Barry Gregory, editor and president of 01comics (where the series also can be found serialized). Barry is a longtime friend, fellow publisher, and fan of the series, and his work has surpassed all my expectations. Though the adventures slated to be serialized are from the series' vast catalog of back stories, like me you'll be surprised at how fresh and new the stories look—Barry's beautiful color work has brought the stories to a new level and in itself makes them worth a look.

While I have been very proud of the support Rob Hanes Adventures has received from fans and retailers, it has been a challenge to compete, grow sales, and get into stores as a small publisher with limited resources. Though I recognize the web is just as competitive, obviously readers now have a gateway for directly finding and accessing the series, which I hope will encourage them to seek out the print version as well.

Coming in Issue 10...

Cover art to issue 10In Rob Hanes Adventures #10, Rob goes undercover on the Brisbane Chickenhawks, a minor league baseball team, to investigate steroid use in the clubhouse. However, when Rob becomes more obsessed with getting a base hit than with solving the mystery, it's up to his partner Abner to solve the case! Read about it in "The Pride of the Chickenhawks"!

The cover art and sample pages from the issue are now available in the Reading Room or by clicking on the image at left.

Scheduled for release this spring!

Past major news and announcements from WCG Comics are available at our news archives.