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Link to Adventure Strip Digest #1Welcome to WCG's QR code landing page!

As a bonus to Rob Hanes Adventures #14, WCG Comics is pleased to provide a downloadable digital edition of Adventure Strip Digest #1, originally released in 1994!

The issue is available in two standard digital comics formats: CBZ or PDF. Choose either link below to download the preferred version. To download, right-mouse-click on the preferred link and select "Save Link As" from the menu.

CBZ format (ASD01.cbz)            PDF format (ASD01.pdf)

NOTE: To date, this digital comic has been tested on Simple Comic (Mac) and ComiCat (Kindle FireHD). Both formats can be read with a generic comic-book reader; the PDF can also be read by a standard PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (Mac or PC) or Mac's pre-installed Preview reader app.

To download directly to a tablet device: Be sure to choose the "Save link" option — otherwise, if you have difficulty downloading it to a tablet, try downloading it to your desktop computer first, then transferring it to the tablet.

The story included in this issue, "The Princess," introduced the setting and characters that concludes in Rob Hanes Adventures #14, involving the Middle East country of Koman and the romantic triangle between Princess Chulaborn, a member of Koman's exiled royal family; General Amra, the military strongman who led the overthrow of the royal family and has since ruled the country with an iron fist; and Sayed Farzi, the leader of the fragile coalition insurgency. "The Princess" was reprinted in Rob Hanes Adventures, Vol. 0, the 144-page trade paperback that collects the entire run of Adventure Strip Digest, the series' original home until being relaunched in 2000 as Rob Hanes Adventures.

The characters also appeared in RHA #9 and #13.

This digital comic-book is WCG's first official release in digital format — with more planned! Stay tuned for future announcements.