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Past Coverage and Reviews

Note that coverage prior to 2001 has been archived.

Below are links to past reviews of Rob Hanes Adventures....

Tony's Tips

by Tony Isabella from the Comics Buyer's Guide #1634 (Oct. 2007), p. 57

A new issue of Randy Reynaldo's Rob Hanes Adventures is always a must-read treat for me, and #10 was even moreso. Minor-league baseball is a fascination of mine, and this new Hanes story finds the Justice International secuirty operative going undercover to investigate the steroid scandals destroying the Brisbane Chickenhawks.

This change-of-pace issue is heavy on the comedy, both romantic and screwball. In crisp black-and-white, Reynaldo delivers a tight 18-page tale plus liner notes, a letters column, and a tribute to the legendary Milton Caniff.

Reynaldo's work is classically inspired, distinctive, and just a terrific example of how solid storytelling can trump comic books published by bigger outfits. Part of me is amazed that the "bigs" haven't recruited him; more of me is pleased that he's free to tell his stories his way.

Suitable for all ages.

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Tony's Tips

by Tony Isabella from the Comics Buyer's Guide #1612 (Jan. 2006)

Rob Hanes Adventures #8 [WCG Comics; $2.95] is one of the best comic books I’ve read of late. Created by writer/artist/publisher Randy Reynaldo, its hero is an operative for a private detective, info-gathering, security company. His cases take him all over the world and, in most of the far-off places, he has both friends and enemies. Hanes is no super-agent, just a gutsy and highly skilled man who can be counted on to do the right thing, even when it puts him at odds with his current clients.

“The Last Explorer” takes Hanes to Africa to help an old foe find his grandfather. To complicate matters, Hanes loves his foe’s innocent and long-suffering young wife and, to further complicate them, the old foe has larceny on his mind. There are perils in the jungle, perils from nature, and, deadliest of all, perils from the twists and turns of human frailties.

As always, Reynaldo tells a complete and rich story in a single issue. He masterfully sets the stage, breathes life into his each of his players, and moves his tale to a satisfying conclusion. His writing and art are reminiscent of some of the best this business has ever known, Milton Caniff and Johnny Craig among them. This is a comic book which is more deserving of wider recognition than any other comic I could name.

Yourthree bucks brings you the 18-page lead story, a two-page “Rob Hanes Primer,” a letters column, and a “liner notes” section. For a comic this good, that’s darn near a steal. I’ve gotten more than a little stingy with my top rating, but Rob Hanes Adventures #8 earns the full five Tonys without breaking a sweat.

Rob Hanes Adventures #8: 28 pages, black-and-white.

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Back Issue #10

From the "New in Print" column, Back Issue #10, p. 83 (June 2005). Edited by Michael Eury.

Some Back Issue readers have remarked to me, in letters or in person, that they find many current comics continuity-saturated and utterly impenetrable. If you're in that camp and yearn for an accessible series with verve and a sense of humor, then you've got to give Randy Reynaldo's Rob Hanes Adventures a read. I'm a stickler for Jonny Quest-type adventures and Rob Hanes Adventures is, from my eye, Jonny fifteen years later. From the few issues I've seen, soldier-of-fortune Hanes is one of the most adaptable heroes in comics, hopping from a submarine voyage in issue #6 to a locked-room mystery in #7...and an African adventure awaits in the forthcoming issue #8. Reynaldo's characters are snappy and well-defined, and his crisp storytelling is reminiscent of Ty Templeton by way of Alex Toth.

Tony's Online Tips

From Tony's Online Tips for July 28, 2004 by Tony Isabella.

Getting a new issue of Rob Hanes Adventures is always a treat. Getting two new issues at once is almost too good to be true. But creator/writer/artist Randy Reynaldo managed just that in time for Comic-Con International. I read them almost as soon as they came out of the mailing envelope.Here's the quick catch-up: Rob Hanes is a private investigator for Justice International. His cases take him all over the world and involves him with a cast of characters the likes of which have done been seen since Milton Caniff last put pen to paper. Beautiful and feisty women. Spies and counter-spies. Courageous agents of law and order and ruthless villains. With stories played against some of the most exotic and exciting locals on the planet. I once called Reynaldo THE talent most deserving of wider recognition in comicdom and that's as true today as it was when I first said it.

Rob Hanes Adventures #5 (WCG Comics; $2.95) features the long-awaited conclusion of a storyline involving our hero's father, who was thought to be dead and now stands accused of being a murderous double-agent. "The Glowworm Identity" is darker than most of Rob's adventures, but the story packs both an emotional wallop and a very satisfying conclusion. Reynaldo has stated his preference for the lighter stuff, but I, for one, don't mind him going darker for the occasional change of pace.

Rob Hanes Adventures #6 ($2.95) is cover-billed as a "special advance preview edition," but it looks as complete as the previous issue. "The Hunt For Octavius Jebru" is inspired by some real-life espionage cases which have been in the news in recent years, adding fast-moving action to the reality. Like issue #5, this issue is a 36-page black-and-white comic whose shiny color cover is printed on a heavier/sturdier stock. The interior pages are printed on a good grade of white paper. These comics look as good as they read, and that's high praise for the production end of things

Issues #5 and #6 rate five Tonys each from me. If you like exciting, fun, well-crafted stories that are suitable for readers of all ages, here they are!

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Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine

From the "My View" column by David LeBlanc in the Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine #483 (August 6, 2004)

Rob Hanes is a soldier of fortune working for Justice International. He is the son of a former US agent who is now under an alias after being accused of being a spy for the other side during the Cold War. Rob is convinced his dad is innocent and wants to prove it. Hanes comes across as a younger James Bond type who entrances the girls but does not cross the line into starting an actual relation, even for one night.

In issue #5 Rob gets back to the quest for the truth behind his father's being discredited as the cold war double agent Glowworm. Also on the search is Rob's lifelong friend, Alexandra Vera Cruz, whose father was killed by Glowworm though at the start she does not know that Rob's father has been accused of being the killer. Once again Rob is mixed up with beautiful women and international intrigue as the quest leads him to an arms dealer known as Felix Shannon. There is a plot to get an old Russian sub and sell it on the black market. The CIA is on to the plot and do not want Rob messing up their chance to squash it as their paths cross. The sixth issue deals with an attempt to sell nuclear secrets and yes another beautiful woman. There are mysteries they have to solve, escapes from the bad guys and chase scenes like any good spy adventure.

Through it all the reader is entertained with a fast paced story that keeps changing and adding characters and clues as to where it is heading. The action is integral to the plot as are all the characters. Nothing is over done or drawn out and yet you are left wanting more at the conclusions. The art is clean and it is easy to see why it has gotten the praise it has. This is the perfect comic to enjoy on its own or to give to someone who thinks all comics are about super heroes. Get the latest issue and order #6 while you can.

David LeBlanc, Editor

Additional Quotes

"Ask the pros about Randy Reynaldo's Rob Hanes Adventures and you'll hear comparisons to the works of Milton Caniff, Roy Crane, and Frank Robbins. Globetrotting troubleshooter Hanes is, indeed, carrying on the traditions of Terry Lee and Pat Ryan, Captain Easy and Wash Tubbs, and Johnny Hazard." —Tony Isabella, Comic Buyer's Guide

"Randy Reynaldo's black-and-white rendition of his soldier-of-fortune hero's escapes has been one of the industry's quietest treasures. —R.C. Harvey, Rants' N Raves, Comic Buyer's Guide (Dec. 2000)

"Offers a fast-paced story full of action and intrigue, and gorgeous art that's reminiscent of
such greats as Milton Caniff, Bruce Timm and the great Alex Toth!" —Diamond Dialogue

"The sad news is that only one person is doing classic high adventure in the tradition of Milton Caniff, Frank Robbins and Roy Crane. The good news is that Randy Reynaldo's terrific at it . . . Adventure Strip Digest is a rare delight." —Kurt Busiek (writer/creator of Astro City and Shock Rockets)

"In the great tradition of Milton Caniff and Roy Crane, the world of Adventure Strip Digest and Rob Hanes is filled with snappy dialogue, sultry dames, and certain danger in a world where a pratfall is only a panel away from a bottomless pit! Too bad more people don't do work like this!" —Karl Kesel

"A post-modern Jonny Quest." —Diamond Dialogue

"A good read set in a genre that is rarely explored in today's comic market."—Indy

"Told in an exciting good natured style that will remind you of master storytellers like Will Eisner, Milton Caniff and Alex Toth."—Tony Isabella, Comics Buyer's Guide

"Whoever said that the classical, comic book adventure story--a la Caniff, Herge, or even Barks - was gone hasn't seen a copy of Randy Reynaldo's expressive, action-packed Adventure Strip Digest." —Previews

"If you like exotic locales, heavy chiaroscuro inking and snappy dialogue--check out Adventure Strip Digest." —cat yronwode, "Fit to Print," Comics Buyer's Guide

"Chances are high you will fall for Reynaldo's stuff in a big way. Lots of adventure and non-stop action from start to finish." —Factsheet Five

"Equal parts James Bond, Marty McFly, Jonny Quest, and Peter Parker, Rob Hanes is as compelling a main character as any in alternative comics." —Previews

"Randy Reynaldo's stories are fast-paced. Exposition is brief, leaving plenty of room for his crisp, linear linework—clearly inspired by later Caniff, or Batman Adventures' Mike Parobeck—to convey the action." —Previews

"Not only is Rob Hanes a cool comic with nifty artwork (that Rob is a hunk, I tell ya!), but there's a radio show too! Well, sorta. At last year's con Randy was selling a recorded tape of an actual radio show written and performed and based on his comic. He played it all day long, each and every single of the con at his table next door to mine and instead of killing him after hearing it over and over, I bought a copy. If ya write him, definitely ask if he still has any tapes for sale. Great stuff." —Teri Wood, Wandering Star #8

"Adventure Strip Digest is now one of my favorite comics. I've gotten hooked on the story and art! When I read my last volume of Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy, I thought I'd never have that same hit of entertainment again. Now I want all your other back issues...I read so few comics that I enjoy and my pure thanks for adding one to the list!" —Mark Wheatley